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(HCT-8) ProScheduler ($200)            

(For Old-Edition CleanOpsStaff or CleanOpsStaff-3ed) 

 Automatically schedule the Routine Cleaning Activities in a manner that balance day of week work loading using CleanOpsStaff's "Least/Most Loaded Day" scheduling method. With CleanOpsStaff-ProScheduler you can automatically create a weekly schedule of routine activities that will automatically balance the time assignment for each day and inform you of the least and most loaded day to assist you in selecting days of week for scheduling project work. Then you can use ProScheduler to automatically schedule Projects. Using the ProScheduler flexible activity selector, you can decide which frequencies you would like to automatically schedule.

NOTE: Credit Card is the preferred method of purchase, however, if your purchase is at least $375.00 you can email a Purchase Order to ernesthunter@gmail.com or Fax a Purchase Order to 208-361-9405 if your organization does not use credit cards online. 

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$200.00 HTC-8


See the CleanOpsStaff-ProScheduler Help document for more detail of the ProScheduler capabilities.


  1. CleanOpsStaff‐3ed‐ProScheduler is an upgrade that optimally assigns the day of the week to perform routine cleaning activities and then allow you to schedule project activities in a way that balance the work assigned for all days of the week.
  2. It allows you to create a stable weekly schedule for your routine activities and to assign project work to the weeks of the month, based on staffing availability and the least loaded day. CleanOpsStaff‐3ed‐ProScheduler uses a Dynamic Least/Most Loaded Day protocol to assign day of week to cleaning activities. It assigns Monday through Friday (M‐F) to activities to be cleaned Daily (D).
  3. It computes a running Least Loaded Day and Most Loaded Day for assigning day of week to routine activities to be cleaned Weekly (W).
  4. It also computes a running Least Loaded Two‐Day Pair and the Most Loaded Two‐Day pair to optimally assigned activities to be performed Twice Per Week (TW). For activities to be performed three times per week, it assigns Monday, Wednesday and Friday (MoWeFr). 
  5. After the routine activities have been automatically scheduled for the week, you can easily automatically assign project work while automatically staying within a Maximum Custodians per Day number that you set based on your staffing availability.
  6. You can then manually adjust the automatically generated weekly schedule with use of the Least Loaded Day information, which is constantly updated as you assign work to the days. CleanOpsStaff‐3ed‐ProScheduler uses the Time to Cleaning Report as a starting point.
  7.  CleanOpsStaff‐3ed‐ProScheduler adds a scheduler setup to the Time to Clean Report to provide space to record the required frequency based on the selected cleaning level and to record the assigned day to clean and then it computes the time required for the days.  
  8. You can automatically schedule the entire worksheet or a range of cells, or an entire category at a time or a room at a time depending on what you select within the macro staffing and inventory worksheet.
  9. You can automatically schedule base on just the activity frequencies only or you can schedule based on both the activity frequency and the activities names.

A demo version of CleanOpsStaff-ProScheduler is now included in the CleanOpsStaff-Demo and CleanOpsStaff-Full versions for demonstration, training, and evaluation purposes only.

You may experiment with the demo version immediately to decide if it will be useful to your operations.